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本所最近獲批准傑出人才案例剖析(11/12/03 posted)

(梁勇律師事務所﹐lianglaw.com專稿) 最近我們事務所收到幾個移民局I-140 第一優先傑出人才、傑出研究員、以及第二優先國家利益豁免的批准書。以下是這些申請人的相關資訊﹕

1. Acting Instructor at University

  • Education: Ph.D. in Biological Science

  • Specialty: Conduct research for the Protein CoreTrying to understand the mechanism and interactions of channel proteins, and applied medical research that many important discoveries about ion channels led to design molecular drugs for treatment of human diseases.


  • Qualifications: 6 recommendation letters, 14 publications on recognized Scientific Journals, citations by other researchers, professional membership.

  • EB2-NIW 200212月送件﹐200310月獲批准﹐無補件。

  • Nebraska Service Center

2. Postdoctoral Associate Researcher at University

  • Education: Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Breeding

  • Specialty:Conduct study on the epigenic control of (trans)gene silencing and mechanisms involved in development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Control of gene silencing and activation by genetic engineering approach in Arabidopsis thaliana.

  • Qualifications: 6 recommendation letters, 17 journal publications ,5 abstracts, 6 presentation at conferences, citation and reprint request from other peer researcher, professional membership.

  • EB-1Extraordinary Ability 20033月送件﹐200310月依移民局要求送出補件﹐200311月獲得批准。

  • Nebraska Service Center

3. Assistant Professor at University

  • Education: Ph.D. in Marketing

  • Qualifications: 6 recommendation letters, 7 journal publications , 4 abstracts, 3 book chapters, presentation at academic conferences, Professional membership.

  • EB-1B Outstanding Professor 20032月送件﹐200310月獲得批准﹐無補件。

  • Nebraska Service Center

4. Chemist at Private Industry

  • Education: Ph.D. Material Science and Engineering

  • Specialty: In charge of developing new analytical methods and new products; 2) Electrochemical process; 3) setting up a new analytical lab and manage it.

  • Qualifications:6 recommendation letters, 9 journal publications , presentation at conferences, citations by other researchers, Professional membership..

  • EB-1B Outstanding Researcher 200211月送件﹐200310月獲得批准﹐無補件。

  • Texas Service Center

5. Postdoctoral Research Associate at University

  • Education: Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Nutrition

  • Specialty: Conduct research studied bacteria-plant interactions, glycoprotein-lectin interactions, glycan-antibody interactions, and the biosynthesis of glycoconjugates.

  • Qualifications: 8 recommendation letters, 26 scientific journal publications, citations by other researchers, professional membership.

  • EB-1B Outstanding Researcher, 20026月中送件﹐200310月獲得批准﹐ 無補件。

  • Vermont Service Center

6. Research Immunologist at University

  • Education: MS & MD

  • Specialty: Conduct research on the mechanism of organ transplantation rejection.

  • Qualifications:5 recommendation letters, 9 publications on recognized Scientific Journals, 19 presentation, media report on project involved, Professional membership.

  • EB2-NIW 200211月送件﹐20039月獲批准﹐無補件。

  • Texas Service Center

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